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A brief description of Maltby and his role with the Wings.

 Kirk Maltby is a banger.  he loves to hit.  He loves to get under the opponents skin.  He is the infinite pest.  Tough.  Rugged.  Aggressive.  Pugnacious.  Malts is a member in food standing of the Grind Line.  When he gets hit, he hits back harder.  He loves to level his opponents or give a sneaky jab to the goalie as he passes the crease.

    He started hockey with the Owen Sound Platers and was named Rookie of the Year in 1989-90.  He was chosen Most Valuable Player in both the 1990-98 and 1991-92 seasons.  His final amateur season he was named team captain, and also played in the CHL East-West All Star Challenge.  He played with the Cape Breton Oilers in 1992-93 and helped them win the AHL Calder Cup.

He scored his first NHL goal in his debut with Edmonton in October 1993.  In the 1994-95 season he finished 12th in scoring, eighth in

goals and tied for first in shorthanded goals.  Malts played his first game as a Red Wings in March 1996.  He scored his first goal in April against Winnipeg.  His first career NHL playoff goal came on April 27, 1997 in St. Louis.  He scored 5 goals in the playoffs, including his first career two-goal game against Colorado.  He experienced his first Stanley Cup Champion ship with the Red Wings in 1997.  In the 1998 playoffs, he scored 3 goals and 1 assist in helping the Red Wings to a repeat championship performance.

    During a game Malts can be aggravating enough to proboke the entire bench of the opposing team into a tirade.  Off the ice, he is quiet, low-keyed and enjoys being with his teammates.  He is single and enjoys softball in his free time.

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